Financial & Quality Performance

Shared Savings/Losses

Amount of Savings / Losses:
PY 2018 data will be included here upon public release of MSSP results

Shared Savings Distribution:
Investment in Infastructure: 30%

Distributions to Participating Providers: 70%
Primary Care Physicians: 60%
Specialty Physicians: 35%
Hospitals: 5%

Specialty Tier Definitions:
Specialists are divided into tiers based upon each specialty’s ability to impact MSSP total spend. APN is in the process of evaluating specialist tiers and will update this section as data analysis is completed.

Payment Rule Waivers

APN does not utilize the SNF 3-day waiver rule

Quality Performance

Information to be populated at the conclusion of the 2018 MSSP Performance Year, upon release of information from CMS

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